ST Patrick’s Day Potato Planting

March 18, 2017

In celebration of the patron saint of Ireland, we had a mass planting of potatoes today.  There were 4 varieties: Charlotte, Rudolph (pink skinned) and Rocket. Our exciting variety is a blue potato! Yes a potato to match the school uniform. We are so excited about having blue mashed potatoes or chips! Watch this space in June when we harvest them.


Investigating with mirrors

March 18, 2017

We are beginning to understand what symmetry is and how to find it in shapes. We investigated by folding shapes, using mirrors and experimenting with the letters of the alphabet. They were very surprised by some of the results. Did you know if you put your mirror in the middle of a capital B it becomes an 8? Playing with maths equipment is the first important step into understanding how to use it.

Visit to OrganicLea’s Plant Nursery

February 26, 2017

Clare and Goli have been visiting us at school to help us with our growing project. We went to their site to find out what happens there, how plants are grown and to plant our own seeds.  The gardeners there are going to propagate them for us until they are strong enough to bring back to Barn Croft for planting. A huge thank you to Clare and Goli for a fantastic day.  The pupils were so excited by the activities, salad tasting and treasure hunt through the surrounding grounds and woods. They were still buzzing when they arrived back at school.



Arriving at the green houses

Examining seeds and tasting Miners lettuce.

Looking at the different stages of composting and the importance of worms.

Planting seeds.

Going on a nature hunt.

Trying to make fire at the camp site.

Labelling some lettuce to take home.  Most pupils ate it on the way home 🙂

Write like a Victorian

February 23, 2017

We learned how to write like a Victorian in handwriting this week. We then scrunched them up and used tea-bag water to dye our papers sepia, to make them look more authentic. Pupils took some home to try out with their families.

Ragged Museum

February 23, 2017

We visited the Ragged Museum to experience a lesson with a real Victorian teacher. The pupils were very wary of her and compared her methods and classroom with ours at Barn Croft. We learned the Ragged Schools were  established to give poor children the chance of an education.  Thank you to the parents who saved the day and accompanied us and thank you to the pupils for outstanding behaviour.

Pupils teach class about Prayer in Islam

February 23, 2017

Today Mrs Duke had a rest from teaching Year 2 and handed the reins over to the pupils.  They showed us the differences in praying for men and women, showed a selection of texts and books and even read and sang in Arabic for us.  We learned quite a lot and want to say a big thank you to them.

Garden Project – Stage 1 – Preparing to grow

February 5, 2017

Goli and Claire from OrganicLea came to visit us on Friday do some measuring of our plots. We then decided what we wanted to grow and checked the quality of the soil.  Ms Early started the composters last year and now they are producing compost for the garden.  We also managed to clear a lot of debris from the garden.

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Winter at the allotments

January 30, 2017

As part of our learning and understanding about plants and growing, we went to visit the allotments to find out what an allotment was and what they were being used for.  We met a lady called Doris who informed us  what her fellow allotment holders grew in their raised beds and how they ensured their plants were healthy.  She has also had some  unwanted visitors too! Foxes are a problem and dig up the beds and bury things there.  Squirrels also do the same so they have to protect their vegetables with grills.

We are going back in the Summer Term so that we can compare the two visits and better understand the seasonal changes that occur in vegetable growing.

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Year 2 Reading Group

January 25, 2017

We were looking at words that had the split digraph a _e  in them.  They included make, bake, cake and take.  The pupils identified these words in the text, highlighted them and then began composing their own sentences using them.

They then read out their recipe and created apple drop scones or Scottish pancakes as we call them.  they had a wonderful time as you can see.

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Growing problems!

January 25, 2017

After waiting with anticipation for our seeds to grow, after 4 days we had no results. We then realised our classroom was too cold for ‘quick’ results so we placed them all in a warm cupboard and now we can see the first signs of life.

From their list of questions they have now discovered that the growth rate of their beans is affected by the temperature and that they do not need sunlight to grow as they germinated in a dark cupboard. they have also discovered that the root is the first part of the plant that grows. This is to anchor the growing seedling into the ground and draws up water and nutrients to feed the plant.

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