Garden Sale Success

Our young gardeners were very excited at having their first sale on Friday. They harvested fresh salad, potted up surplus plants and created other goods from donated items such as seeds and bird feeding packs.  Thanks to the wonderful support from parents and carers we raised £52.18  Pupils have learned a great deal from this such as entrepreneurial skills, money handling and what a wonderful team they are. The money will be used to buy equipment for the pupils to improve their experience in the garden such as gloves, kneeling pads and watering cans that don’t leak all over them!

We have a wonderful volunteer called Goli who has been so passionate about the project it has rubbed off on the pupils. and they are now seeing the results of their hard work. We hope to have more sales as our different crops are harvested, but we would like to start putting food into the school kitchen and with our potato crops due, it will be very soon! It is going to be a big moment for Year 2 to see pupils tucking into food they grew themselves from seed.


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