Chess club commences!

January 31, 2016

Rook no further, the lunchtime Chess Club has begun amidst a little knight music a pawn the piece and quiet of the Year 3 classroom. Once the children had the basics, the rest was no castle at all for our lot. Check it out, mate!

Reciprocal reading in KS2

January 31, 2016

Last week, nine Year 6 pupils visited Years 3, 4 and 5 to show how they organise their book discussions during reading lessons. The school have recently started Reciprocal Reading with Year 6 leading the way. For these sessions the pupils drive the discussion, practising the four major skills of reading – “Predicting”, “Clarifying”, “Questioning” […]

St Saviours

January 31, 2016

Year 3 visited St Saviours Church last week to learn all about places of worship within the Christian faith. We were met by Father Salvador Telen who spoke about the history of the church and allowed the children to explore, take pictures and make notes of the many parts of the church.

Art, facts & artefects in Year 3

January 31, 2016

Year 3 have been really involved in their topic this past week. We began with studying pictures of Stone Age artefects where we attempted to mind-map facts with various pictures. After this, we used various artefacts in class to produce our own documentaries of what life must’ve been like during the period. Notice our resident […]

Practising estimating skills in Year 3

January 31, 2016

Following on from Monday’s lesson, again we worked in small groups and put what we estimated to be 100ml of water in an empty container. Just so you know, we didn’t use a measuring cylinder! We then checked our estimates by measuring our amount as accurately as we could in the measuring cylinder. We then […]

Estimating and measuring capacity in Year 3

January 31, 2016

On Monday, we worked in smalls groups of 3 in our maths lesson. We decided who is player A who is player B and who is player C. We went round the class looking at different containers with water in and wrote the container’s letter into a table on a big sheet – there were […]

National Portrait Gallery

January 23, 2016

Year 4 braved the awful weather on Friday to attend an art workshop at the NPG. They were taught about the differences in 2D and 3D art and shown how to create a 3D model which would be used to design sculptures. The pupils really enjoyed the day especially when they had to sculpt an […]

Year 4 Open Homework

January 17, 2016

Year 4 has produced some amazing open homework projects this term. In class we are all having a great time designing a Motte and Bailey Norman Castle. Originally these would be mainly wooden, but they modified their designs and converted to stonework as the projects show beautifully.                        

Year 3 become Archeologists for a Day!

January 16, 2016

What a way to kick-start the New Year! Last week, the children of Year 3 became archeologists for the day in Central London. Observing, exploring and investigating, the children researched around the Museum of London’s impressive collection of prehistoric objects; developing their historical enquiry skills along the way. First, the children watched a magical shadow […]

New Term

January 11, 2016

Year 4 made a fantastic start to the new term this week. We have gone over our behaviour for learning and our class contract so we all remember how we can help each other as a team.  This fits in beautifully with our PSHE scheme which is ‘Going for Goals’ In Literacy, we used mobile […]