Philosophy for Children (P4C)

September 26, 2015

This week year 4 have been swimming and already children are overcoming their fears and taking on new challenges. We have been taking part in in P4C sessions to help us become better citizens and be able to discuss a variety of matters in a mature and philosophical way. The pupils are very good at […]

Year 3 at the Natural History Museum

September 20, 2015

Last week, Year 3 went on a trip to the Natural History Museum to visit the “Earthquakes and Volcanoes” exhibition. From dramatic film footage, interactive games and the famous earthquake simulator, the children explored how the powers beneath the Earth shape the world in which we live. It was a lovely day and a great way […]

Roman mosaics

September 20, 2015

We have had such a good response with our Roman Open Homework.  A big thank you to parents, carers, siblings and pupils for their hard work. Teamwork allows you to combine your skills and create something wonderful. Our class have been looking at Roman Mosaics and had a go creating their very own using small […]

Great start for Year 4

September 13, 2015

Year 4 have settled in really well this week and are already underway on preparing for their class assembly (October 8th at 9.05am.) Their current topic is the Romans and they have already made Roman shields and begun to learn a really catchy song. After next week they have 2 weeks of swimming and therefore we […]