Hinduism in Year 3

June 16, 2015

As part of our learning around Hinduism, Year 3 are today designing their own divas (or diyas, as they are sometimes known as). By using clay, some paper towels, a small amount of water and a dollop of imagination, the children have been hard at work creating and learning. The children are using plastic cups […]

Study this picture…

June 7, 2015

…can YOU spot where the Mediterranean region is? Year 3 can. As we approach the long summer break, through our topic learning, we are currently asking our children, “Why do so many people go to the Mediterranean on their holidays?” So far, our work has involved studying lots of maps, atlases and encyclopaedias as the children increase their […]

Creating Power-Points about WW2

June 5, 2015

This week’s blog was published By Archie and Milosz.         Year 5 are making power points to demonstrate their learning about World War 2. We used information from our Discovery, Homework, Topic books and various websites. Some pairs are going to show their personal learning to the class.

Chemical Crazy in Willowfield

June 5, 2015

Once again, our Year 5 children were ecstatic after their trip to local secondary school Willowfield late last term. With Casey’s absence, Milosz attended for the first time – and boy did he enjoy himself. As this session was our last of the year, the children were given an open-ended investigation of finding, “What happens […]