Year 5 invade the Imperial War Museum

April 30, 2015

Today your blog is hosted by James and Amine. On the 30th of April team 5 went to the Imperial War Museum. We were there because we wanted to know about WW2 which stands for World War 2. As we walked through the gate we saw two 18ft gun barrels from a battle ship in […]

Don’t be afraid!

April 24, 2015

Year 5 have been working extremely hard this week on their topic of WW2.  They are going to design a gas-mask and then make a proto-type.  They tried this one on to get an idea of what it was like wearing them.  “dis-orientating, clammy, sweaty, blurry vision and breathing problems” were just some of the […]

Loom Band Creations

April 3, 2015

 Tie and headband  

The writings on the wall

April 2, 2015

Year 5 are about to spend the summer Term learning about World War 2.  Mrs Duke covered the display  board in newspapers from the 1940s and when the pupils arrived that morning, they  immediately went over to the board and began reading the articles and sharing the stories. They found the articles interesting and were […]

Move over Spielberg!

April 2, 2015

Year 5 pupils undertook a film making activity over 2 days with pupils from neighbouring schools. They then attended a movie premiere of their film and won 1st prize.