Trip on the River Thames

March 26, 2015

                A breezy walk by the river    

Text detectives

March 24, 2015

We have been preparing for our reading SATs test by becoming text detectives. In order to do this, the children have learned the assessment focuses (AFs) for reading and how to identify them in questions. They’ve even written test-style questions of their own after looking at the AFs. The AFs include requiring them to retrieve information, […]

Programming Pros

March 20, 2015

This half term, Year 6 got stuck into Coding in their Computing lessons. We learned how to give programs commands and how to correct bugs. We moved on to adding blocks to our programs so that we are able to give a series of commands that happen in a certain order or after something has […]

A mathematical treat

March 20, 2015

Recently, Year 6 were treated to a lesson in Pie Charts delivered by two children in the class. They taught us about how Pie Charts incorporate angles, percentages, proportion and fractions and explained to the rest of the class how they can use this to interpret data. They checked their understanding by asking questions that […]

Our first trip to the library

March 20, 2015

A very belated post but back in the first half of the Spring Term, Year 6 took their first trip to the newly refurbished library. The children were so excited but still managed to contain it enough to adhere to the new rules. Here are some photos of our first visit:

Life-cycle of the Raffliesi Flower

March 16, 2015

In science this week, we looked at the life-cycle of the Raffliesi flower which is the largest flower in the world measuring around 100cms in diameter!  It is also known as the corpse plant as it gives off a strong odour of rotting meat to attract flies for pollination purposes.

Red Nose Day. Some of our designs for new noses….

March 16, 2015


Multi-coloured metal magic at Willowfield workshop

March 12, 2015

Boy, oh boy! Did our Year 5 children enjoy our most recent excursion to Willowfield School? Yes, they did! In our second science session at the secondary school, the children were learning what happens to alkali metals when heated and provided with oxygen (HC1). Before embarking on our learning venture, the Year 5 boys split into different groups […]

Loom Band Club Create Charlottes Web!

March 7, 2015

The Year 3 & 4 Loomers  decided to create Literacy with Loom Bands and have begun a large web complete with flies. This is their version of Charlottes Web.  

World Book Day

March 5, 2015

  Boy in the dress.                                                     Gangsta granny.                                        Princess.   Narnia.                                                               Harry Potter.                                                    Meow!   Once upon a time, a weary witch was walking to her year 5 classroom when she had to stop, blink and look again at the sight that beheld her! There in the playground was a very athletic Gangsta Granny playing football with a […]