National Portrait Gallery

June 19, 2017

On Thursday, Year 2 went off to the National Portrait Gallery to do a workshop called ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’. The pupils have been learning how to sketch using HB, 2B and 4B pencils and this workshop enhanced their knowledge and understanding of the ‘personality’ of paintings and ‘what’ a portrait is.

We worked with an artist called Ian who also got them to think about the ‘colour’ a portrait portrays. E.G. Looking through a blue acetate at an image can give a sense of sadness where a yellow acetate can give a feel of happiness.


What’s growing in the garden?

June 11, 2017

The garden and orchard are looking amazing.  Take some time to have a look around the courtyard and KS1 garden areas.

Year 2’s first delivery to the school kitchen

May 23, 2017

How excited the pupils were today when they delivered their salad and radish crop to the kitchen for the school lunches.  Some pupils who don’t normally eat salad are having it today, just because they grew it! So as you can see, we are nurturing healthy eating too.


Garden Sale Success

May 1, 2017

Our young gardeners were very excited at having their first sale on Friday. They harvested fresh salad, potted up surplus plants and created other goods from donated items such as seeds and bird feeding packs.  Thanks to the wonderful support from parents and carers we raised £52.18  Pupils have learned a great deal from this such as entrepreneurial skills, money handling and what a wonderful team they are. The money will be used to buy equipment for the pupils to improve their experience in the garden such as gloves, kneeling pads and watering cans that don’t leak all over them!

We have a wonderful volunteer called Goli who has been so passionate about the project it has rubbed off on the pupils. and they are now seeing the results of their hard work. We hope to have more sales as our different crops are harvested, but we would like to start putting food into the school kitchen and with our potato crops due, it will be very soon! It is going to be a big moment for Year 2 to see pupils tucking into food they grew themselves from seed.


Measurement Practical

May 1, 2017

Last week we gained some experience in measuring.  We did activities based around money, mass, capacity and length.

The pupil’s had to work as a team to answer questions, read scales and estimate measures.

African sunsets

May 1, 2017

Last week we looked at ‘warm’ colours and how we could blend them together to get a variation of reds, oranges and yellows. We used that knowledge to paint a background representing an African sunset and then used charcoal to create animals and plants in silhouette.

Gardening update

April 24, 2017

The pupils are getting ready for their first plant sale but the work in the garden still needs to go on.  They are making their own fertiliser from Comfrey leaves. They are placed in bottles with water and then have to be ‘rotted’ down before use. A very smelly process!


The pupils planted more salad plants this week and the great news is,  the potatoes are doing very well. Something has been eating the radishes so we have covered them with netting. Beetroot, carrots, chard, lettuce, peas, beans, parsley, mint, four types of potatoes and the rhubarb are all happily growing.

 A big thank you to Goli who is working tirelessly with the pupils to produce the best variety of crops.


How can we change she shape of our material?

April 24, 2017

Year 2 are studying materials and last week, we investigated how we could change the clay’s shape. As you can see we used the following actions…



SQUASH                                                                      STRETCH

BEND                                                                            TWIST

They then had to identify which force they had used ‘pushing’ or ‘pulling’

They also had a go at being sculptors and moulding their partners.

Bend and ….                                                                      twist!

World Book Day

March 31, 2017

Mrs Duke read her favourite childhood book to the class (Tiger who came to tea by Judith Kerr) and then they made story jars so they could retell the story to their families. They were also given a setting, character and object in small groups and had to plan and orally retell their story to the class.  In the afternoon they made their zig-zag story books and enjoyed an assembly to announce the winners of the best costume.

How does the garden grow?

March 31, 2017

Over the last 12 weeks, Year 2 gardeners have cleared, raked, prepared, sowed, watered and tended the school garden. It takes a lot of hard work. Daily jobs need to be done and every member of our team is always ready and raring to go.

If any parents would like to visit the courtyard garden after school, please see Mrs Duke, then your child can give you a  guided tour.

Goli from Hawkswood has been an inspiration to the pupils who look forward to her weekly visits.

Hawkswood kindly donated Rhubarb plants to the garden and brought back all the

seedlings they had planted there on their visit.